Looking for healthy living gift ideas this Christmas season? There’s quite possibly never been a more important time to support your loved ones’ physical and mental health, as well as the health of their income and food security. That’s why we put together this list of healthy living gift ideas for you!

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Traditional Cooking School

Do you have loved ones who want to learn how to keep themselves healthy or eat traditional, nutrient-rich foods? Get them a course and/or book from Traditional Cooking School, the #1 source on the internet for information about making sourdough, culturing dairy products, dehydrating foods, lacto-fermenting foods, pressure cooking meals, cooking without allergens, and so much more! 

Simply Canning School

Our family has been canning for decades now, and every year we’re still learning new recipes and techniques as we preserve our own locally grown produce. We saw skyrocketing interest in gardening and food preservation this year, which means someone you know probably wants to learn how to preserve food too! Sharon’s training walks students through everything required to start canning, beginning with preserving veggies, fruits, and tomatoes, to canning meats and meals in jars, to pickling, to making jam/jelly/fruit spreads, and more…without worrying about fear or overwhelm.

“The Homestead Canning Cookbook”

Maybe your loved ones would appreciate a cookbook instead, something to hold in their hands and reference again and again? This cookbook from a Certified Master Food Preserver includes simple, safe instructions and over 150 delicious food preservation recipes. Nobody’s kitchen is complete without a canning cookbook, you know.

Herbal Training Courses

There has never been a more important time to keep yourself OUT of the hospital and use natural remedies whenever possible, and we think it will likely become even more important in the years ahead. Herbal Academy offers top-notch herbal training courses, to help your loved one understand how herbs work and why. Their training programs come from a wide diversity of herbalists and medical professionals, creating an herbal school that presents many herbal traditions and points of view.

Abby’s Elderberry

Speaking of herbal remedies…we can’t recommend our friend Abby’s elderberry products enough! Abby and her family make high-quality elderberry syrup that’s available as original, or with low honey, maple syrup (infant-friendly), or glycerin (low-carb). It’s tasty and oh, so good for you. (Plus, Abby’s dad even has a book about elderberries that you can purchase for someone who wants to really dive deep into the topic.)


What does playing games have to do with your health? Well, especially during stressful seasons of life, playing games offers a family outlet to destress and laugh together, learning valuable skills along the way. Our friend recently introduced us to these amazing educational games, and they would make great Christmas gifts for kids or entire families.

Roo Gardening Aprons

Technically, these are gardening aprons, but they have a myriad of uses outside the garden too! The handy pocket and chute designs make carrying anything easy, so it’s perfect for the gardener, homemaker, home crafter, food preserver, etc. who always has his hands full.

Thrive Life Food

Traditionally, lots of Christmas gifts and celebrations include candy and other sweet treats…but that’s not an option for those with food allergies or strict dietary needs. BUT Thrive Life freeze dried food offers lots of delicious foods that don’t need sugar or flavor enhancers to taste good. Plus, they offer quick meal ideas to help the busy family eat together.

Know Something Else that Should Be on This List?

We love supporting likeminded family businesses and including them in our list of healthy living gift ideas here. Do you know products that might be good additions to this list? Let us know about it, so we can include them too.

Happy shopping for healthy living gift ideas!
~The Matyas Family