Just for reference, if you ever come to my house and see a mess, which will almost be always… 

To run a large family, it takes a long time to do every task simply because of numbers. 

We are nine people. 

Jason works from home full time. 

We homeschool. 

We run a farm.

We cook 3 meals per day and almost never eat out. 

We host many, many guests. 

This means roughly 1,000+ meals cooked in my home per year. 

This means roughly 700 loads of laundry per year. 

This means approximately 180 pair of socks per month worn in this house. 

This means roughly 100lbs of dry beans consumed per year and 200lbs of rice and hundreds of pounds of potatoes and onions. 

This means we consume 2 hogs, a lamb, 5 deer, 50 chickens, and 50 rabbits per year…all of which we happily share over a dinner table. 

This also means we read lots of books, do lots of cuddles, have conversations both fun and hard, host many loved ones and dear friends, teach what’s important, value things differently than most, and work harder than many would ever dream of working.

Is it hard? Yes. Is it valuable? Yes. Is it fun? Yes, it is.

Is it worth it? Of course. 

So if you come and see my dirt pile, dirty windows, and drips on my cabinets, know it’s not neglect due to laziness but that we’re busy living and living hard…so ask for a rag, wipe off the table, and then enjoy your dinner and make sure you laugh a lot.

Our goal would be that you leave feeling happier and more loved than before you came. We’ll fail, but it won’t be for lack of trying. Just sometimes, the demands of this life get the best of me and makes the worst version of me. My best sure as heck won’t be the best that someone else can do because, well, I’m me, with lots of faults…but also lots of love to share.  

Come, sit, chat, laugh, and by all means…match some socks.