Modern life is busy, complicated, and stressful.


We get caught up in things that are unimportant in the big picture, and often neglect the things that really matter: family, health, and building a better future.


At Get Ready to Thrive, we want to help you understand the challenges and traps of modern life, and to navigate the myriad of options available to help you seek and live a thriving life.


Our family has been on this journey for over a decade now, starting with eating more healthy – growing more of our own food, sourcing food organically and locally when possible, and starting to use natural remedies for keeping our family healthy.


I (Jason) left a fast track to command as an Air Force pilot to be able to pursue entrepreneurship, family business, and home education – to be with and live with my family each day.


We have progressed to seek productive work in all areas of our life – from gardening and raising animals, to home based business that include our children, to train them to be responsible adults and leaders of the next generation.


On top of homeschooling our seven children, Shannon has used her skills as a graphic designer to produce graphics for our businesses and many others, and she uses her creativity in the kitchen every day to cook for our family of nine.


Together, we are learning and working to build a better future for our family, and hopefully helping other families like yours to do the same, so that we can all be the solution to the numerous problems that we have facing us in the modern world today.


Please join us on our journey, and share yours with us.  We’d love to have friends on this adventure.