Educational board games for kids are an important part of our homeschooling and family life! Playing board games together builds valuable skills, like hand-eye coordination and critical thinking skills, as well as teamwork, not to mention playing games as a family is fun and builds stronger family relationships too.

Throughout the years, we have gone in spurts of playing games. When we consistently play board games together, we have always seen two primary things happen: relationships fostered and fact and critical thinking skills improved. We have some children who are very visual in their learning, so having math games has been an important part in teaching math facts without frustration. Allowing for opportunities between siblings to play together towards the same goal has proven sweet for their relationships. Of course, there are always times when a child becomes frustrated, but educational board games provide a great way to work through issues while doing something fun together. Since the dad (Jason) in this family is very competitive, it can become quite entertaining when the kids try to outsmart him and beat him at his strength, strategy. 🙂

We have recently found this amazing company, SimplyFun, that we wanted to share with you. They have a wide range of award-winning educational board games that are sturdy, organized, and fun! They also replace broken or lost pieces for FREE, which is super important for a family like ours.

We’re approaching the Christmas season. A lot of normal events have been canceled, modified, or postponed this year, often outside of your control. This is a great opportunity to stock up on fun educational board games for kids and adults, so you can give them to your children for Christmas and enjoy playing games together over the holidays. The secret is…they’ll be learning valuable skills while enjoying the game.

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Check out these educational board games for kids and add them to your Christmas shopping list now! 

Note: A large percentage of these games are “7/8 and up” with emphasis on the “and up” part. Even adults can enjoy playing them! 🙂

Animal Snacks Game (Ages 3 & Up)

Animal Snacks is a game for ages 3 and up with simple rules and chunky pieces that are easy for little hands to grab. With a roll of the dice, the animals can move around the circle, or purple means it’s snack time and everyone gets fed! Your youngest players will love this introduction to games as they learn matching and taking turns–great skills to learn!

Learn more about Animal Snacks game here.

Clover Leap Game (Ages 5 & Up)

Clover Leap is an adorable language game for ages 5 and up. Roll the dice to move the sheep and collect clover tiles, then flip the color-coded tiles over to form silly sentences and earn points. This game is great for early readers who are just learning the parts of a sentence.

Learn more about Clover Leap game here.

Hook ’em Game (Ages 6 & Up)

Go fishing in the pond in Hook ’em! In this game for ages 6 and up, roll the dice to see how many fish you scooped up, then you can risk your catch by rolling again, or keep it and let the next player cast their line. This game builds decision-making skills as players evaluate whether an extra roll is worth the risk.

Learn more about Hook ’em game here.

To the Coop! Game (Ages 6 & Up) 

To the Coop! builds hand-eye coordination and introduces physics to players ages 6 and up. The chicks have escaped their coops and it’s up to the roosters to round them up. Flick a rooster into a chick to land the chick into the target area and fill up the coop! Great for little ones who love real chickens. 😉

Learn more about To the Coop! game here.

Dreaming Dragon Game (Ages 6 & Up)

Dreaming Dragon helps build fine motor skills and strategy for players ages 6 and up. Sneaky lizards are cuddled up next to dragon eggs. Players use their tongs to carefully remove the lizards without letting any of the eggs fall!

Learn more about Dreaming Dragon game here.

Cow Cents Game (Ages 6 & Up)

In Cow Cents, players learn about money math by trying to reach a specific dollar amount, without losing the cents they’ve accumulated towards the goal!

Learn more about Cow Cents game here.

Walk the Dogs Game (Ages 8 & Up)

Walk the Dogs is a strategy and counting game for ages 8 and up. Collect pups into your line while trying to make a matching set of five, but watch out for the dog catcher! This educational game helps build early math skills, another important skill.

Learn more about Walk the Dogs game here.

BankIt! Game (Ages 8 & Up)

Shop for good bargains and give to charity while saving for your bicycle goal in BankIt! Players can even find money lying on the street and can even earn interest on your savings.

Learn more about BankIt! game here.

Triage Game (Ages 12 & Up)

The weather has reached disaster level in Triage, and players use emergency response vehicles to transport citizens to the airport for evacuation and safety. Triage is designed for ages 12 and up, and it teaches some very important skills!

Learn more about Triage game here.

Want More Fun Educational Games & Gift Ideas?

The educational games in this post are featured in our Facebook Group, Get Ready for Fun! (Non-Facebook link here.) It features additional games and videos, and you can even ask questions about the games to see what would work best for your family. If you join, you’ll be eligible to win prizes! It also provides special offers, so you don’t want to miss that either.

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