What is Thrive Life?

Thrive Life produces the best in freeze-dried foods to provide your family with a healthy alternative for food storage and convenient access to healthy meals.

Simple. Clean. Food.


Whole Food Goodness

Freeze Dried Fresh


Healthy Food - Fast

No Artificial Junk

Simple & Affordable

Up to 25+ Year Shelf Life


Keep Your Budget with Easy Meals and Reduce Food Waste

Great Tasting Recipes

Healthy Family Meals

Convenient Home Delivery

Expedient ingredients.


Fruit. Vegetables. Meat. Don’t let them rule your kitchen!


Move over prep time, because Thrive Life provides ingredients that are all ready for you! Stop slicing apples and peaches or washing blueberries and grapes. Ditch dicing vegetables or mashing potatoes. Finish finding cheese, ground beef, chopped chicken, and cooked sausage in your refrigerator. Use Thrive Life instead. Not only will it save you time, but you’ll also prevent food waste. Awesome, right?

Smart snacking.


Grab a quick, healthy snack everyone will enjoy.


The perfect sizes and varieties, Snackies help you take healthy, quick snacks on the go, too. Thrive Life offers simple fruits, veggies, and yogurt bites, as well as other blends that will make everyone lick their lips!

Finally, a drink with just fruits & veggies...nothing else!


Dump, shake, & enjoy!


Finally, here’s a healthy drink option WITHOUT added sugar, preservatives, fillers, GMOs, or additives! Each pouch contains 4x servings of straight-up whole fruits and vegetables, no other ingredients. Oh, and there’s no fridge OR blender required either! 

Monthly Delivery Specials

They generally promote specials “while supplies last.” They don’t anticipate running out of inventory before the month ends, but supply and demand has been ALL OVER the place recently, so you just never know. Putting it in your delivery doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the product. Depending on what’s happening now, it’s probably best to either move your date earlier in the month or “ship now” if you want these products on special, so don’t wait.

Freeze Dried Meals

Experience easy, on-the-go meals with premium freeze dried ingredients. No need to compromise convenience for nutrition or taste. You can have it all! These new meal pouches are perfect for camping trips, vacations, or getting quick, healthy food in a pinch!

Thrive Life Consultant Opportunity

Earn Free Groceries and Extra Income

You can join the Thrive Life family as an Independent Consultant just like us, and share about Thrive Life products to help others eat better and be more prepared. You’ll earn commissions on products you buy (and your own purchases as well), providing you with product credit and additional income for your family.

Thrive Life’s home delivery system provides convenience for customers to have products shipped to their home on their own schedule, and providing you as a consultant with residual income from the commissions on those recurring orders.

Earn Free Food

Share Great Food with Friends

Earn Extra Income

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We’ll follow up with you soon to find out how we can help you build your food storage through Thrive Life and determine if becoming a Thrive Life consultant is right for you.

If you want to place an order for Thrive Life food, or sign up as a Consultant now, please visit our Thrive Life website.

Thanks for your time and concern about your family’s health and food security,

Jason and Shannon Matyas

Independent Thrive Life Consultants