We have some great news!


We’ve been looking for a home/homestead for several years now, and sadly, we just never found anything suitable for us. After a long time of waiting and searching for a homestead property, the Lord has blessed us with an ideal situation!

Family friends who lived for 18 years in the same valley we lived in when we first moved to Virginia, suddenly moved from their home into a home that was more suitable for caring for aging parents.

The renovations that would be needed to make their current home suitable for their personal situation were going to be costly and time-consuming, and the Lord provided them with an ideal opportunity, so they just completed their move and needed to sell their homestead ASAP.

One thing led to another…and we moved into our new homestead about a month ago!

Since our friends we bought the property from were homesteaders, they’ve already started or completed the vast majority of the projects that we would have wanted to do.


There’s a beautiful log home with plenty of space for our large family, and a three sided wrap-around porch (the south porch is 10′ deep and 50′ long!).


There’s a large detached shop with office in the upstairs and numerous outbuildings.


It has a small fruit orchard and established gardens.  There’s perimeter fencing around the property and some interior paddock fence posts.


The main creek in the valley runs through the longest side of the property, and there’s a small creek that runs along the south side of the property that feeds into the large creek.


During the first few months of 2018, we’ve been busy making our new house into a home and homestead for our family, a place where our family can grow, learn, work, and live together!



Let’s Get Moving!


We started packing after the new year, sold and gave away a lot of household items, and moved to our new homestead in late February.

Our living room on the last packing day before loading the big truck.

Our wonderful church family helped us pack up the moving truck.

We are so blessed to have a wonderful church family that pitches in to make light work with many hands.

The big truck rolled out about 8:30 for the 1-hour drive to the new house.

Since rain was forecast for Saturday, we unloaded that night instead of waiting until morning. We finally finished about midnight.

Kitchen and great room of new house.

The shop. (So excited to have room to build!)

Upstairs Landing.

That feeling when you finish your third day of cleaning up your old house to move, but it’s the last load. Hallelujah!


In Addition to Moving…


One of the biggest parts of our moving project was completing the master bedroom addition and renovating the kitchen. The bedroom addition was framed, but we needed to finish everything inside…and fast.

We Aren’t Done!


Yes, that’s a lot, but it wasn’t everything we needed to do! Several other projects beckoned us, just a small part of our journey. We’ll talk more about those in due time.