I saw a video recently on Facebook that talked about food waste.

The video focused on all the food thrown out by groceries stores and restaurants, but didn’t mention the fact that food waste in the average American household is 25-30%.  That means that if you have a $400 per month grocery budget, you’re wasting $100 or more every month!

The reality is that consumer demand is the primary driver of food waste, so until YOU change the way you buy food so that you reduce your own food waste, YOU cannot help solve this massive problem.

One practical way you can reduce your own food waste is to buy food in a form that reduces waste, and the best form of food to reduce food waste is freeze-dried food.  Stop wasting celery, onions, peppers, and other often-used produce by replacing the “fresh” produce from the grocery store with freeze dried vegetables that eliminate waste (literally, you only use what you need, and the rest is ready for you when you need it).

Thrive Life produces the highest quality freeze dried food, and because of their standards to only pick fruits and vegetables at the peak of ripeness before flash freezing them and removing the water, they have higher nutrient value and taste better than what you buy from the store that was never ripe in the first place and is 1-2 weeks old by the time you get it.

If you want to do something to reduce food waste in your household and the money you’re wasting because of it, you really should take advantage of the Thrive Life Black Friday Sale.

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I recommend that you replace fresh produce that you regularly use in small quantities with the freeze dried version from Thrive Life.  Instead of taking off the ends and skin of an onion and immediately tossing about a quarter of it away, then making yourself cry taking all that time chopping up the half you need now for a recipe and putting the other half in a bag in the fridge that will be forgotten about until it’s bad, just scoop out the amount of freeze dried onions you need and the rest will wait for you until you need them next time.  No waste, and it saves you a bunch of time and hassle.

The same thing is true for peppers, celery, and a host of other commonly used vegetables.

Since this sale is while supplies last, if you don’t want to miss any of the big deals, you should check out the deals and place an order right away.

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